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Please go through this book with me

Scott and Karen Clark share their amazing story of how God inspired Scott in an unusual way. One of the key elements is that he did something and he didn’t […]

Launch Point: Starting a Movement

When Kennedy said, ‘Let’s go to the moon,’ we didn’t yet have a vehicle that wouldn’t kill you on launch. He said we’ll land a man on the moon in […]

Deployment and Children

I can already sense the difference. I’ve been told that each deployment brings with it new challenges and that no two are the same. This time, I’m pretty sure, is going […]

Go ahead. Shoot me.

Have you ever wondered if God really cares about what happens to you as you live life? Quite frankly, the thought had never entered my mind while living some of […]

Shots in the Dark

Earlier this month I was awoken at 1:30 am to shouts and arguments on the street behind my house. I didn’t pay any attention until I heard POW, POW… POW […]

You are NOT weak

If you are suffering from PTSD, every day can provide a new surge of fearful thoughts that threaten to shut you down and turn you into stone.  This condition exists […]

Care and Counsel for Combat Trauma

One Soldier’s Story Name/Age: Sean Davis, 35 Home: Portland, Oregon Unit: Oregon National Guard Served In Iraq: 2003-2004 His squad went on 35 combat missions by truck and helicopter in […]