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Military Love Languages

There’s a big difference between being “in love” and truly loving your spouse. Being “in love” is a euphoric experience.  We’re emotionally obsessed with one another.  We feel we belong […]

Defending the Military Marriage

Servicemen and women get top-notch training to complete their mission to defend life and liberty. But they sometimes find that they’re ill-equipped to complete the lifelong mission spelled out in […]

Take the Deployment Dare

Have you read the book “The Love Dare” or watched the movie “Fireproof”? You may have had the thought, “What good is it to do ‘The Love Dare’ when we’re […]

Challenges of Deployment

Case Study: Al and Marie are young newlyweds in the military who moved into the home next door a few months ago. Everything is new to this young couple–being away […]