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Let’s stand together in prayer for our brave men and women in uniform

Press and hold on your phone to save the image and then set it as your wallpaper or screensaver.     You can help unlock an incredible gift-matching opportunity for […]

Watch & Share: A Military Ministry Like No Other!

Now through December 31, all gifts up to $225,000, will be matched! Join us as we aim to advance the Gospel and bring even more brave warriors to faith in […]

Thanksgiving Devotion Series

We are glad you are joining our Cru Military® family for the Thanksgiving devotion series! Whether you are in the military, know someone in the military, or even just care […]

Ready to Retire?

  Retiring from the military can be a very challenging career move.  Whether you’ve served 20 or even up to 30 years, the time will come, and you might as […]

We Can All Be Influencers For Change

We Can All Be Influencers For Change To Help Those Suffering The diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD, has been found to be the most severe form of […]

What Does A Military Kid Say About PTSD?

What Does a Military Kid Say About PTSD? Q. What does your father do in the military? A. “My dad is a chaplain in the Navy and he has been […]

Betrayed and Feeling Helpless, This Military Wife Trusted God

Betrayed and Feeling Helpless, This Military Wife Trusted God Purposeful Love and Grace We first encountered the young Marine who was assigned to the Wounded Warrior Battalion when we volunteered […]

PTSD From a Child’s Perspective

PTSD from a child’s perspective: What is happening with my daddy? “We used to go to the park a lot before Daddy went away for such a long time,” said […]

Ghillie Suit

It all started with a question. Abby, the wife of a RECON Marine, asked, “Sherry, do you know how to sew?” Abby explained that her husband, Cody, had just been selected […]

Go ahead. Shoot me.

Have you ever wondered if God really cares about what happens to you as you live life? Quite frankly, the thought had never entered my mind while living some of […]