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Staff Opportunities

Cru Military relies on a variety of staff levels. Read our staff category summary to find out what level best matches your interest and availability. Then, read our shortlist of […]

Determining God’s Call

3 Points to Consider Before Joining the Mission Any sincere Christian who wants to know the will of God concerning his life can know it, but this is typically a […]

Qualifications & Standards

We use the following list of qualifications in our process to select missionary staff for Cru. Please note these criteria are not for the purpose of judging a person’s standing […]

Salary & Benefits

Cru is a faith-based missions organization. Becoming a full-time staff member involves not only meeting the standards for staff, but also raising funds to cover the financial needs of your […]

Bringing Hope to Our Heroes

  Since 1965, spiritual warriors like you have partnered with Cru Military to help men and women in our global military community discover the life-changing reality of knowing Jesus Christ […]

North Platte Canteen

This 7 minute video produced by Cru Military (formerly Military Ministry) was uploaded to YouTube in 2007. It is narrated by Dick Foth, who told the Canteen story live in […]

Bridges to Healing Ministry

The Bridges to Healing video, produced in 2007, introduces the Bridges to Healing ministry of Cru Military.

What Not to Say to Combat Veterans (and Why)

This is a general guideline put together by former Sergeant Andi Westfall, who served with the National Guard as a medic during Operation Iraqi Freedom and who suffers with PTSD. […]

Hope for Heroes: You’re giving them hope to conquer any fear

After joining the Army, Jeff Struecker often faced danger. But his greatest challenge came in 1993 when a mission in Somalia went terribly wrong. United Nations workers there were being […]

Hope for Heroes: Learn how to trust God no matter what!

You’ll feel empowered to trust God no matter what when you read Jeff Struecker’s courageous story of survival in his booklet, Bullet Proof Faith. Jeff’s faith came under heavy fire […]