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E-Kit: Video 5 — How (Part 2)

Looks at the question, “Why do military people act and react the way they do? I don’t relate to them.” (33 minutes) Video 1 – Why? Video 2 – What? […]

E-Kit: Video 6 — How (Part 3)

Looks at the question, “What can I do to help?” (17 minutes) Video 1 – Why? Video 2 – What? Video 3 – Cause Video 4 – How? Part One Video […]

E-Kit: Video 7 — What We Did

This video is a conversation between Scott and Karen Clark, who helped start a community-based ministry to the military in Phoenix, AZ, and Jeff and Sandra Presnal, who launched a […]

E-Kit: Video 8 — Call to Action

This final video summarizes the seminar and gives you final “marching orders” to step out in the area of service God has called you to. A highlight of the video […]

E-Kit: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions If you don’t find the question or answer you are looking for here, please contact us. We will gladly add to these FAQs. Why does Jeff Struecker […]

Glossary of Military Terminology Used In The E-Kit Video Series

This glossary is part of the E-kit library. The terms, ranks, and acronyms are those used in the E-Kit video series. Learning a New Language: If you’ve not spent much […]

E-Kit: Video Credits

Special thanks to our military experts [bs_row class=”row”] Jeff Struecker, Spokesperson Jeff Struecker – As an Army Ranger who lived through the Battle of Black Hawk Down in Mogadishu, Jeff […]

Weekend to Remember: Remembering Why They Fell In Love

Learn more about Weekend to Remember getaways for military couples.

FAQs: Finances & Giving

Cru Military is the military ministry of Cru. All donations to Cru Military are handled and processed through Cru’s Donation Services.

Combat Trauma e-books

Combat Trauma manuals are now Kindle e-books! The release of “The Combat Trauma Healing Manual” in 2007 opened up new (or reminded us of 2000-year-old) Christ-centered solutions to facing Combat […]