PTSD Healing

We believe that true healing has not only physical, emotional, and psychological aspects but spiritual as well.  The spiritual component has often been neglected, yet God is the True Healer and Jesus Christ is the avenue to experience true recovery from the ravages of combat trauma, particularly those visited on the mind and emotions.

We have information and materials to assist you as you take the steps of courage necessary to find the peace, the calm the healing that God can bring.  However, this journey is not one you should take alone. We are working to train up a nation-wide support team – local churches and congregations – who want to stand with you, encourage you and help you see the Hope-Giver, Jesus Christ.

The E-Kit: Engage the Military in Your Midst

For those of you wanting to be a part of that nation-wide team, check out The E-Kit. The “library” in the sidebar of the E-Kit has more information and articles. Please contact us if you have questions.

Resources for Combat Trauma Small Groups

Articles related to Combat Trauma and PTSD

Resources addressing Combat Trauma and PTSD