A Caring Community

It is amazing just how quickly a ministry can change. Shortly after the threat of Coronavirus was found, it became a worldwide pandemic affecting the lives of millions of people. The emotions of many all over the world manifested itself in fear … fear of not knowing what is happening with what can we do […]

Speaking Effectively

What happens during an Encounter with cadets, active duty and retired high rank officers and their wives from five countries in Latin America as they spend five days together in a conference put on by Cru Military? One of the first activities was a meeting with fifty-five military wives. They heard from Cru Military staff […]

Called To Serve

Cru Military’s Directors of Ministry in Ukraine are answering a call to serve the military in this war-torn part of the world. Ukraine has been battling Russia and Russian-supported separatists in Eastern Ukraine for over five years now. Since 2014, over 13,000 soldiers have lost their lives and over 30,000 have been wounded. As this […]

A Road Less Traveled

When it comes to the road many journey on to discover Christ, those paths are as varied as the men and women God calls to Himself. Those roads are particularly difficult when your culture and nation was under the influence of atheist ideologies for literally decades, as is the case with the nation of Mongolia. […]

Prayers for Military Ministries of Africa

There are so many reasons we all need prayer around the world as more and more disruptions to everyday life are experienced. Recently, two staff members and one of their sons serving with the ministry in Ethiopia were killed by a militia group operating in one of the regions of the country. This type of […]

The Truth of God’s Word

It is an amazing experience to have believed a massive lie about who God is, but later to find out how much God loves the military wherever they serve. A soldier in an African nation fighting against the Boko Haram for over ten years had believed God was not with him or his fellow soldiers. […]

“Does Jesus Christ know me?…”

The day the government eased the lockdown, I went to the nearest market to buy food. On the roadside, B.M, was standing there asking money from passersby. As I was walking alongside the road, I saw a man standing on two crutches asking money from passersby. When I approached him, he asked me money too. […]


“Adversity is always unexpected and unwelcomed. It is an intruder and a thief, and yet in the hands of God, adversity becomes the means through which His supernatural power is demonstrated.” -Charles Stanley In ministering to the worldwide military community, we often find great encouragement when we see God’s touch upon those who have been […]

American Combat Veterans and PTS

story by Evangeline Vergo – cru.org A year ago CruMilitary, asked a group of Army soldiers and their spouses, “What are the greatest challenges you face?” The men and women had been randomly selected, but every single one of them spoke about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD is an anxiety disorder that can occur […]

Best Christian Workplace

Cru Military has earned the honored title of a Certified Best Workplace. This title reflects that we are now considered one of the Best Christian Workplaces, out of 350 other Christian organizations and churches, across America! This year’s Staff Survey results are a confirmation of the successful implementation of our 5 Year Strategic Plan. We […]