Preparing Our Hearts for Christ

Sunday, November 27: Claiming Hope Sunday, December 4: There is Power in LOVE Sunday, December 11: Count it all JOY Sunday, December 18: How do you find PEACE?

Advent Devotional: Preparing Our Hearts for Christ

We are glad you are joining the Cru Military® family for this Advent Journey! Whether you are in the military, know someone in the military, or care deeply about the […]

Executive Director Named for Cru Military

Over the past several months, the two of us engaged a team of leaders to seek the Lord for the next Executive Director of Cru Military®. Through the support of […]

Sharing An Exponential Gospel

Word came out of Naval Station Great Lakes (NSGL) that the Cru Military® Bible study had gone from a dozen sailors to nearly 1,000 in just weeks. It sounded impossible. […]

Veterans Day 2022

As a gift to you, download or read online the Spiritually Fit Ready to Serve Guidebook: Marine Sailor Soldier Airman Coast Guardsman  

Avoiding Friendly Fire: Conversations that will Encourage Your Veteran Friends

friend·ly fire /ˈfren(d)lē ˈfī(ə)r/ noun weapon fire coming from one’s own side, especially fire that causes accidental injury or death to one’s own forces There is nothing more heart-wrenching than […]

The Journey of a Joyful Nomad

Written by Karen Jacobs Being the new person in town, I want to curl up in a protective ball. (Insert dramatic sigh here.) It is that sinking feeling every time […]

Significant Stressors for Military Families

Understanding the Needs of Military Families: Significant Stressors As we seek to support military families, we need to understand the unique challenges and stressors that differentiate them from non-military families. […]

Value as a Military Spouse

By: Amy Allender I entered life as a military spouse with great naivety. I expected deployments, but I didn’t expect the profound challenges the military lifestyle would present for my […]

Our Promise of Financial Intergrity

Our Promise of Financial Integrity Credibility: Cru Military is the military ministry of Cru. All donations to Cru Military are handled and processed by Cru. Cru is a charter member of […]