Tina Woodruff: 50 Years of Faithful Service with Cru Military

Fifty years: that is how long Tina Woodruff has been faithfully connecting the military community to Christ. She joined Cru Military® in February of 1974, almost ten years after the […]

Celebrating Baptisms: Winning Soldiers to Christ at Fort Sill

So Many Baptisms During a Sunday service at an Army post in Oklahoma, so many soldiers wanted to get baptized that they needed to bring in more equipment—and more people.  […]

Signs Your Military Kid May Need Counseling

by Sarah Olsen Every child is different and likewise, their personalities respond differently to external circumstances. When a parent is deployed, or when your family moves often, it can take […]

Let’s stand together in prayer for our brave men and women in uniform

Press and hold on your phone to save the image and then set it as your wallpaper or screensaver.     You can help unlock an incredible gift-matching opportunity for […]

Thanksgiving Devotion: Thanking God for giving you His Strength

Week 5 There are so many reasons we can lose any race we have to run. If you are an athlete and don’t train, eat well and rest properly, then […]

Thanksgiving Devotion: Thanking God for giving you His Word

Week 4 One of the ways we can show God how much we are thankful for Him is by how we manage our minds. This concept is a rather huge […]

Watch & Share: A Military Ministry Like No Other!

Now through December 31, all gifts up to $225,000, will be matched! Join us as we aim to advance the Gospel and bring even more brave warriors to faith in […]

Q&A With An AOA

We sat down with Cru Military team member, Sonya Silva, to ask her some questions about her role. She currently serves as the West AOA and the interim Central AOA.  […]

Thanksgiving Devotion: Thanking God for giving you His Breath of Life

Week 3 This time of the year, we are experiencing some of the finest displays of beauty in our earthly landscapes, and the cool, crisp fall air is so refreshing […]

Thanksgiving Devotion: Thanking God for giving you His Spiritual Heart

Week 2 Our heart is vital. We cannot live without our heart. There are so many miraculous features about what happens when our hearts pump blood, but one feature should […]